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Why you need modern techniques of waterproofing, PCCSIndia has it all.

hy you need modern techniques of waterproofing, PCCSIndia has it all.

The conventional method of waterproofing outer walls is the use of exterior paints. However, paints are 30 to 50 microns thick and are not thick enough to resist the wind lashing rains that can damage the paint film, thus over a period of time, the paint tends to crack or peel leading to problems like damp patches and seepage, especially in the monsoon seasons. By recognizing the adverse effects of thermal expansion which compromise conventional methods, new waterproofing products have been developed that are elastic in nature, wear well, and ensure a leak-free existence of the structure.

Cementitious waterproofing is easy to apply but it lacks flexibility. This is because cement does not have a lot of flexibility while concrete does flex, bend, compress, and stretch but it is only minimal. Thus expansion and contraction process will not occur in cement waterproofing. That is why this type of waterproofing is called rigid or semi-flexible type waterproofing. Cementitious waterproofing has the inability to hold up cracks which further causes leakage. Hence this type of waterproofing should not be exposed to sunlight or weathering and that is why it is used for indoor wet areas like toilets, kitchens, and bathrooms. These types of products are available in spray and liquid forms. PCCSIndia are the experts in this kind of waterproofing technology. When some of the ingredients are combined with lime, it causes a hydration chemical reaction creating a waterproof seal.

The thickness of this type of waterproofing ranges from 1mm to 2mm. Generally, polymers are added to the cementitious technique to increase its flexibility and durability. It is not suitable for heavy traffic areas, and areas that are exposed to chemicals. Professionals use them to create a waterproof seal on concrete structures such as foundations, walls, sidewalks, and walkways. These waterproofing products are also utilized to treat water retaining structures, concrete tunnels, tanks as well as water treatment facilities. Call PCCSIndia for the modern waterproofing methods.


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