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PCCS India

PCCSIndia is said to be the major company in Kerala for pest control and sanitization works. Our business development officers and extremely skilled technicians are well trained and certified by recognized organizations. One of our strong points is our frequent site visits and timely reporting to the manager in charge. We believe the key to a strong client relationship is quality work. We also give utmost importance to the grooming and body language of the technicians involved.
You will get the best pest control service at your doorstep at the most reasonable price from PCCSIndia. Our happy and satisfied customers made us grow beyond the limits of the state and we are now one of the leading sanitization agencies in the country.
PccsIndia always focuses on the technological invasion in the sector and thereby uses the most modern techniques of pest control and cleaning for our customers. We use different techniques for each kind of pest and deep cleaning. Our experts find the solutions to all the deep-rooted creatures and thereby ensure total eradication.

Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning refers to the exclusive cleaning method that wipes out visible dirt and bacteria at the microscopic level which ensures 100% safe interiors. PCCSIndia are the experts in deep cleaning

Office cleaning

Everybody deserves a better job environment to work. Ensuring healthy manpower needs a hygienic workspace. PCCSIndia offers budget-friendly office cleaning services

Standard cleaning

Cleaning the visible waste which makes your environment dirty is the standard cleaning service that PCCSIndia can offer you at the cheapest price. It includes food waste, paper waste, plastics and other non-hazardous sludge

Sanitized cleaning

Sanitization will be different for different surfaces and it is the method of minimizing the bacteria into a prescribed measurement. PCCSIndia will follow separate procedures for each different surface sanitation

Home cleaning

People are so busy with the day to day life and often will not have the time to clean and sanitize their home. Make your home the best and safe place to live with PCCSIndia’s special home care techniques which is safe for humans and pets

Industrial cleaning

An industrial premise contains expensive and complex machinery which is hard to clean during working hours. PCCSIndia has a powerful industrial cleaning mechanism that can clean the parts without causing any damage.

Commercial cleaning

PCCSIndia’s services are not only limited to residential places but also we do commercial cleaning in a large scale. We have all the equipment and manpower for a larger area of cleaning

Compound cleaning

If you own a land and no one to take care of it? PCCSIndia will take care of your properties even if you are working and living abroad. We ensure the whole compound is well maintained and the crops are protected, if any.

Disinfection services

Cleaning only will not ensure health and hygiene. Disinfecting the area and thereby avoiding future invasion of pest and ensuring prevention from other damaging factors. PCCSIndia have the best disinfection services in the town

Floor scrubbing

Floors will be deeply infected by algae, oil strains etc which is very hard to remove. PCCSIndia offers floor scrubbing using modern facilities which can make your floors like newly build.

Professional cleaning services

Professional cleaning is the method of cleaning different surfaces using various techniques which are scientifically explained and by skilled professionals. PCCSIndia’s employees are given timely training for ensuring maximum productivity

Sanitization services

Sanitization is an unavoidable service in the modern world. For a better future we all must ensure the sanitization services are done at regular intervals. PCCSIndia act as the protector for your work and living space with the modern sanitization process

Strain removal

Strains including powerful chemicals, plant extracts etc cannot be removed easily with the household materials. PCCSIndia professional strain removal makes the dirt disappear without making the surface damaged

Wooden floor cleaning

Wooden floor cleaning is not easy and any mistakes can make the wood decay. PCCSIndia are well equipped with the prescribed tools for cleaning wooden floors. Skilled workforce of PCCSIndia will make the floor look absolutely fresh.

Painting and waterproofing

Painting and waterproofing will help to protect your building surfaces from water contents. Waterproofing can make the building safe for long years. PCCSIndia changes your walls with perfect painting and secure waterproofing services

Renovation services

All buildings, machinery and vehicles needs timely maintenance and renovation to avoid further wear and tear. PCCSIndia reminds you about the renovations and will help you sort out the same at the cheapest price.

Pest control service

Pest control services

Pests include cockroaches, flies, termites, ants, bugs, rats, etc can cause serious damage to buildings and crops. PCCSIndia is the best pest control and pest destruction agency in the state at the most reasonable cost.

Termite control services

There are more than 400 species of termites in the world. They are known as silent killers since they can silently destroy wood, bricks, and many more surfaces. PCCSIndia will identify the range of invasion of termite colony and will execute the process of eradication accordingly

Cockroach control

Cockroaches are well known to be overpopulated in nasty places. They can grow easily in slums and rotten food. This can make your premises nastier. PCCSIndia has cockroach experts which save your family from harmful diseases.

Ants control

Ants are small but really powerful insects that can easily disappear big mass of dead matters within a few days. It can even destroy living organisms if not controlled timely. PCCSIndia eradicates ant nests without affecting the environment.

Bed bug service

Bed bugs are small insects which live on the blood of other creatures, mostly on humans. They can make the nights sleepless which eventually causes sleeping disorders. PCCSIndia can give your sleep back by demolishing these disturbing pests.

Rats Control

Rats come under a variety of species which can live in dirty places and can even make clean places dirty. Their droppings and presence can make diseases in humans and pets. Killing and burial of rats are safe in the hands of PCCSIndia

Fly Control

Flies can cause miseries to everyone in a workspace or in a living space. They can easily fly and sit in the dirt and the food during the day which makes the food dirty. Flies can include a large number of insects that can fly. PCCSIndia will take care of the elimination of these flies scientifically and carefully

Lizard Control

Homes, offices, and factories are always fed up with the presence of the nasty lizards which feed on small insects. Lizards are always an irritation to humans. PCCSIndia has a well-planned lizard operation procedure that prevents the further lizard entry into the building

Ant extermination

Killing the visible ants only will not ensure ant-free premises, but also identifying the colony and extermination of the whole species from your space will give you the ultimate result. Ants which eat your wood and bricks for a long time will dismantle the building. PCCSIndia will help you out for ant-free day

Bed bug extermination

Beg bugs are nightmares to the people. They are tiny but troubling insects to the mankind from the very old days. Bed bug bites can be itchy and can be wounds. PCCSIndia uses smoke and other non-harmful methods for the extermination of bed bugs.

Cockroach extermination

The main reason for your workspace and home becoming nasty and smelly is because of the cockroach infestation. Cockroaches can cause food poisoning and can damage the health of the people around you. PCCSIndia has a viable solution for cockroach extermination

Flea & mite extermination

Flea and mites are small organisms that bite humans and animals which causes skin allergies or other serious reactions. PCCSIndia will identify these animal nests and destroys them scientifically. Before taking any medication for these insect bites, make sure you call us for flea and mite extermination

General pest inspection

Purchase a customized pest control plan from PCCSIndia and get a general pest inspection for further prevention of pest invasion. Pest invasion is not visible to common people and our skilled team will do a detailed check-up and make sure your place is safe.

Residential pest control

Your home is the place where you finally come back to have a peaceful personal life. If that place is contaminated with rats, cockroaches, insects, bed bugs, etc you feel like hell. PCCSIndia are the experts in residential pest control thereby making your home the best place to relax

Commercial pest control

Commercial pest control includes your office space, factories, industries, supermarkets, food processing units, hotels, workshops, textiles, etc. PCCSIndia re-checks all the products, raw materials, and machinery are deeply cleaned and ensure no further damages are caused.

Residential and commercial service

PCCSIndia has both residential and commercial sanitization and pest control services. Your home and workspace are equally important for people. Some people spend more time in the office than their home. So making both places pest-free is a fundamental need.

Termite extermination

Year by year termites are causing billions of money in structural harm and the people are spending so much money on repairing the same. PCCSIndia can identify the termites by probing and can find termite swarms that can be exterminated more effectively.

Termite inspection

Most people are not conscious of the termite until they saw a swarm of termites coming out of damaged materials. Termite can be found in many species. One of the best methods for avoiding termites is to build construction that is less attractive to termites. If you are already facing issues regarding damages, PCCSIndia is the best solution.

Happy Customers

Check out what our customers say about pccs india.

Excellent Team, I got sanitaizaion service.
Muhammed Sameer
Muhammed Sameer
Nice team and proffessional staff.I did termite control and office cleaning in my office.
Ansar A
Ansar A
This is a good pest control company. I have taken termite control service from you 2 years back. Till there is no complaint
Muhammed Riyas.N
Muhammed Riyas.N
Haridas Thekkedath
Haridas Thekkedath
Very good service with eco friendly products. No side effects . Still there is no presence of terminators and ants in applied areas since 1.5 years.
renjith bhaskaran
renjith bhaskaran
Good rate
akbarshah_ mazood
akbarshah_ mazood
Cheap rate best quality of work and also they they maintaining good responses
Parvathy Parvathy
Parvathy Parvathy
Very Excelent service ,using efective methods and scintific methods....;
Shanif Khan
Shanif Khan
Mohan Madhavan
Mohan Madhavan
Jahad Majeed
Jahad Majeed




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