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PCCSIndia is the best sanitization company in India. We have expertise in the sanitization, deep cleaning, pest control, waterproofing, and painting services. Our aim is to build a safe living and working space for the people thereby ensuring a happy life. People spend a lot of money to build their dream home or office. The dangerous pest can damage the buildings if proper techniques of pest control have not done in timely intervals. We act as the soldiers that protect your living space from these harmful insects.
The use of modern technology in cleaning services will give the best possible result for all your concerns and PCCSIndia is doing the same. We always invest time in training our skilled manpower in order to equip them with the most modern changes happening in the sector. Common people cannot easily identify the pest invasion easily as they will not show visible symptoms at the beginning stage. If not identified by experts, it can cause severe damage to even the expensive machineries in a factory or on an agricultural land.
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By drilling holes in the concrete or masonry apron around the building at the junction of floor and walls, cracks, crevices, joints etc., and treating the same.By injecting the pesticide in the walls and other parts of the structure.By digging trenches along the external wall of building exposing the foundation wall surface and making rod holes.




Treatment of the bottom surface and sides of the excavations made for column pits, wall trenches and basements.Treat of the refill earth on both sides of all built-up walls and vertical surface of substructure.

Treatment of RCC framed structures with column and plinth beams and RCC basement.




It creates non-repellent chemical region, the foraging termites do not detect this region while foraging and get exposed to the chemical. On contact with the chemical field, termites become dysfunctional but do not die immediately. They continue interacting with the other colony mates, in the process they transfer the chemical to the other colony members, intoxicating the whole colony leading to suppression of the colony.

From the office to your home, we take care of cleaning everywhere

Our cleaning and pest control service provides comprehensive care for your home, ensuring cleanliness and eliminating pests from every corner.

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