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Cleaning Services

A service that’s professional and affordable


Our professional cleaning and sanitation services are extended to both the private and public sectors.

If you need parallel cleaning in all of your branches or a single location cleaning, we have customized plans which suit your budget also.

Our trained professionals are experts in providing authentic and methodical services which are very pocket friendly and ethical.

We are the pioneers in the industry so we are well equipped to deliver the best and most proficient cleaning services at your doorsteps

We use the best methodology and technological inventions in the market so as to ensure the finest hygiene service in the industry.

General Cleaning
Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

We follow up with all the clients that we have come across to guarantee all are safe and comfortable in their work and personal life. PCCS India is much bothered about the customer-friendly behavior of our staff so that it will give the customers the faith of giving feedback so that we can improve ourselves. Every nook and corner is safe in our hands. We do many kinds of tasks for your buildings like;

Cleaning Services
Floor mopping

Everybody likes shining and hygiene floors in the home as well as in the workspace. Regular cleaning is required to maintain these finishing and brighter-looking dirt-free floors.

Daily dust mopping is an important step in floor protection. Dirt removal and floor sweeping must be done at least once a day.

Make damp mopping more efficiently by removing large debris first and then floor wet mopping.

Use different mop heads for difficult places in a floor.

Use the correct proportion and accurate chemical which can clean the floor and must not affect the health of living beings.

Always keep a dust bin in every room so as to keep the room clean before it is dirty.

To clean up dirty solution

Use a dry mop to wipe out the dirty solution

Arrange the furniture to the side of the room if required

Clean the mop and wet it, then use the wet mop to clean around the area

Mop once more before the floor is dried

Arrange the furniture and other items back to the place.

Floor finishing

Take the required amount of floor finish in a mopping bucket

Dip a clean and dry mop into the finish

Wring the mop with a wringer which can be attached to the bucket

Apply the finish evenly to the floor forming a thin film

Spread the finish to the other parts using a floor finish applicator

Avoid vertical areas of walls and baseboards

Use an adequate amount of finish, and make sure the finish is not consumed much

After the floor is dried, then you can do the second coat following the correct instructions.

Make sure the floor is completely dry before opening to the public.

How it works

Our cleaning and pest control service is dedicated to providing exceptional care for your home, treating it as if it were our own.

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Embarking on a journey with PCCS India means partnering with a team that values your specific requirements.

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Choose Package

We offer a range of options to suit various needs, from small businesses to large enterprises. Each package is carefully crafted to deliver optimal results.

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Let's Clean

Embrace the joy that comes with a clean space. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and overall well-being.


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