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Why Building Maintenance is Important?

Why Building Maintenance is Important?

Why building maintenance is important?

Building maintenance is a continuous set of tasks to make sure the building systems (Electrical, safety, plumbing, structural, etc.) are working at their full capability. Powerful building maintenance plays a very important role in allowing a facility’s performance to run evenly. PCCSIndia ensures your amenities are working smoothly with proper maintenance checks in timely intervals thereby reducing the damages in the future.

In general, building maintenance can be divided into three main categories.

1.Routine maintenance: The minor maintenance activities that need to be performed on a regular basis.

Eg: Testing fire alarm systems

  1. Preventive maintenance: It is also a type of routine maintenance which involves planning out maintenance activities in advance for certain assets to keep them up and running and prevent them from breaking down.

Eg: Cleaning the filters of air conditioning systems to keep them up and running

  1. Front-line maintenance: Maintenance activities that don’t require stopping core operations.

Eg: Cleaning windows, mopping floors

Effective building maintenance programs can help in saving money in the long run by increasing the longevity of your facilities. This can also create a safe and healthy environment for your employees and family members. One of the best things that building maintenance can give you is an attractive outward appearance of your facilities hence creating a clean and tidy look.

Neglecting building maintenance can turn out to be one costly mistake. When you take care of your asset on a day-to-day basis, they stay good and working, saving you money in the long run by preventing breakdowns and potentially life-threatening emergencies. If the ventilation and manufacturing plant suddenly breaks down, it can lead to a serious health hazard for the workers.

PCCSIndia will ensure the electrical outlets are operating properly, Inspecting of wiring to detect signs of failure and to prevent overheating, Double check if the batteries in the instruments, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms, etc are operating properly, and also inspect the state of the cover plates on electrical outlets.


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