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What Is The Best Non-Harmful Method for controlling Termites?

In spite of the fact that termites are useful in making the dirt ripe and to adjust the environmental framework, these equivalent termites can be risky when in our homes. Since these pests feed on wood, it compromises the strength and toughness of the furnishings. However, termites can infest not only wood structures but also plaster, metal siding, and a variety of other materials. They likewise feed on cupboards, floors roofs, and so on. In some cases, individuals use termite treatment synthetics that are promptly accessible in the market to dispose of these nuisances. In any case, those synthetics are unsafe to us as they straightforwardly influence our wellbeing. So how might an everyday person dispose of these nuisances? In this article, we examine how to dispose of termites without synthetic substances. There are different ways of safeguarding your home with non harmful termite treatment, Some are recorded underneath.

6 Methods for disposing Of Termites Without Synthetic substances

  1. Nematodes
  2. Vinegar
  3. Daylight
  4. Borates
  5. Neem Oil
  6. Wet Cardboard


  1. Nematodes

Which love to eat termites, are one of the best non-toxic treatments for termites. In the event that you feel there are a few termites in a specific region, these animals can take care of business for you.

  1. Vinegar

It is quite possibly of the most usually involved purifying specialist in the house, and we tracked down one more method for utilizing this all-rounder: to control termites. It is one of the least expensive termite control strategies. Simply blend half cup of a lemon juice with it, and you have the non poisonous termite splash. Top off a shower bottle with the blend and splash it on the impacted regions. In order to control the infestation, this needs to be done frequently for a few days.

  1. Daylight

One more successful method for disposing of termites is daylight. Since these termites disdain daylight and intensity, you can save the contaminated furniture in the daylight for a couple of hours to dispose of the termites.

  1. Borates

It is sold in the market for the sake of Borax powder, and it is one of the most amazing non synthetic termite medicines. Very much like vinegar, blend the borax powder with water and shower it onto the settlement of termites. The combination is just viable when gone on for a while. Doing so will diminish the possibilities of reinfestation.

  1. Neem Oil

However it has an odd smell yet is non poisonous termite control and protected to utilize. The motivation behind why it is viable is that it is a characteristic development controller, for example it stops the development of the termites. So apply it on the contaminated region and let it do something amazing.

  1. Wet Cardboard

One of the best treatments for termites is to feed them wet cardboard, which they love to eat. Keep it on the contaminated furnishings and stand by till the termites go onto it. Take the termite-ridden cardboard and consume it to kill the termites.


On the off chance that you don’t find any of the previously mentioned arrangements viable, then there are generally organizations giving non harmful termite treatment benefits that are without synthetic. But you also want to do it naturally if you don’t want to do these things and feel lazy about doing them. Thus, we have uplifting news for you, there is an organization called PCCS India in India that gives natural sanitization service , and it is quite possibly the earliest organization in Indium to give home grown termite¬† control service¬† in Kerala.

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