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What are the three different methods of pest control?

What are the three different methods of pest control?
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What are the three different methods of pest control?

Pest control is the modulation or administration of a species described as a pest, a member of the animal kingdom that crashes severely on human activities. The human reaction depends on the importance of the destruction done and will range from sufferance, through deterrence and management, to aims to completely eliminate the pest. Pest control techniques may be executed as a part of an integrated pest control procedure.

Antifeedants/ Gistatory repellents/ Feeding Detergents/ Rejectants: A Natural or synthetic substance that stops or inhibits feeding by a pest and especially an insect, when applied to the foliage without impairing their appetite. Since insects don’t survive on the treated surface, they will perish due to food scarcity. PCCSIndia will ensure that the process has been done professionally.

Insect attractants:  A chemical that lures (tempts to do something/ to go somewhere) insects to a trap, thereby removing them from crops, animals, or stored products. This affects both gustatory and olfactory receptors. Eg: Pheromones, food lures, oviposition lures

Insect repellents: An insect repellent (bug spray) is a substance applied to skin, clothing, or another surface that discourages insects from landing or climbing on the surface. This influences both gustatory and olfactory receptors like dimethyl phthalate, naphthalene, Bordeaux mixture, smoke, etc.. where PCCS India helps in mixing these chemicals in the prescribed proportion.

The professional pest control methods are complicated and need utmost care is needed when handling and using chemical pest control products. PCCSIndia always ensures all the activities are done under the strict monitoring of trained professionals and hence ensuring the best pest control and sanitation agency in the town. Selecting the most appropriate pest eradication method for your house, office, or any other kind of firm needs a scientific approach. Here is where you need our support, and we do the service at a very budget-friendly price.


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