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Top Warning signs that your house is affected by cockroaches.

Top Warning signs that your house is affected by cockroaches.

No one likes cockroaches. They are nasty and disgusting and are found in dirty or run-down places. You have to take care of your house before the cockroaches rule your home. So you have to look for these keys warning signs strike early getting them out of your house before it becomes a major issue.

The first warning sign you want to look for cockroaches is looking for their droppings. Cockroaches are typically nocturnal so you are not going to see them around, and they are going to be scattering and hiding and you probably will not see them throughout the day and they will leave droppings. Like all other pests, cockroaches need food, water and shelter. So you probably find them in areas like garbages or near to garbages. They eat food crumbs, so if you are leaving food containers open or there are untidy counters, greasy substances, dirty appliances and dirty stovetops. Cockroaches can hide in these different areas easily and spread fast. Also for getting water, they roam around your sinks, toilets, bathrooms or leaky pipes and they stay dark, hot and moist. They prefer humid and hot weather so they will hang out under appliances, so you have to look for droppings in these paths.

Another warning sign that you need to look for is egg casting which is a kind of oval brownish shape. The number of eggs depends upon what species of cockroach it is. It could range from 10 to 20 and in some species it can be even 50 eggs. They can be found in hard to reach places like walls, or top shelves so sometimes you need professionals like PCCSIndia to find and disinfect them.  If you found these castings, reach out to us as soon as possible since all these eggs can hatch into 50 new cockroaches and infect quickly.

The next warning sign is a nasty smell that can be oily and musty. Some species have a very potent smell and probably a large number of cockroaches is needed to make this smell. Make sure you call us at the right time before it is too late.


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