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Termite Control methods for houses

Termites which are also known as white ants cause unmanageable damages to homes that result in irreparable situations.  A lot of organic and home remedies are tried seen to be experimented by the house owners but they fail to overcome the threats caused by termites. Once you discover the presence of termites at your home, ensure you connect with the best professional termite treatment control agency to help you sort the problem. And here in Kochi, it’s Pccs India highly recommended an trusted company to hire for all your pest related problems.

Pccs India, with more than 15+ years of experience working in the pest treatment domain, we are successful in providing the best quality pest control services at an affordable cost. Presences of termites are commonly found in soil where they hide in flower points, wooden furniture like sofa, table and chairs. Commonly executed termite control treatment methods include;

  1. Soil Treatment: It is found that soil is the most comfortable place for termites to live in. And hence, we take care of termites that are present in soil with special care. We have specially developed treatment solutions that remove termites permanently from the soil.
  2. Wood Treatment: Treating termites in furniture are executed to protect furniture thereby killing the termites from the hidden areas occupied under sofas, tables etc.

Each and every step we process to kill termites are executed with proper care without making damages to soil and furniture.  All the types of treatment solutions we use are less in chemical contents and hence do not create and cause-effect.

Looking for the best quality termite treatment agency in Kochi, Pccs India is ready to help our customers in and around Kochi with the best effective services at a very low and affordable cost.


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