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Pest killing company in Trivandrum

Pests are the common issues found in residential areas and a solution to the dangerous threats caused by the pest is in numbers. There is a lot of organic and inorganic solutions available but these are chosen based on the severity of the issue you are facing and also the type of pest that rules your house. To get rid of these issues, it’s always recommended hiring a professional pest control agency so that you get quality service.

Are you searching for a pest control service provider in Trivandrum, and here it is Pccs India. We are the leading pest killing service provider serving customers across places in Trivandrum. Our service includes pest removal from residential and commercial buildings, sanitization and cleaning. Over the past 10 years, we are happy that we have served our clients with the best quality service at the best affordable cost.

Our pest control services are applicable to remove pests like cockroaches, flies, bed bugs, termites, rats, lizards etc.

Our key values are the expert well-trained professional staff, use of advanced types of equipment medically approved chemicals and the best competitive price. During this covid time, we ensure our service reach our customer destination on time without any delay. All our staff take care of all covid protocols before entering your house and ensure everything is sanitized after we end up in the pest treatment process.

We are working to provide one-off treatments, emergency response, comprehensive regular service on an immediate basis. Also, we are happy to give you free advice to prevent re-infestation and tips to keep your home pest free.

So, if you are searching for pest control services near by Trivandrum then Pccs India is always a call away. You can call us at0471-2353735 or drop your queries at


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