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Learn to live with the corona, keep sanitised and keep your business open. The best sanitization and cleaning agency in Trivandrum

Learn to live with the corona, keep sanitised and keep your business open The best sanitization and cleaning agency in Trivandrum

When the coronavirus spread across the world, we all were working hard to disinfect our homes and offices. Even though you are unaware of how often you should be disinfecting surfaces and could there be hidden parts of your home that you are missing. PCCSIndia is a perfect cleaning partner that you can opt to solve this issue.

Your household cleaning items may not be sufficient for cleaning the viruses. They say that they kill 99% of all germs and viruses. Make sure that it kills viruses like flu and even better if that kills TB. But if you cant get your hands on these products, the best thing is just to call us, PCCSindia and we will be on your doorsteps.

Use the old technique of four teaspoons of bleach in four cups of water, then you just take a clean household rag and put it in the mixture and let it soak. This can act as a first-level sanitiser but still, you cannot clean the surface commercially. This solution is not good for food contact surfaces since we have used a high concentration of bleach. If you want a solution for cleaning the food surfaces, just take one teaspoon of bleach to the quarter of the water that will be used. When you are doing a lot of disinfecting with a chemical substance like bleach or a commercial disinfectant, you should wear gloves.

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The areas you should clean includes the microwave oven. Its touchpad and handles must be wiped with the dipped cloth and let air dry. For all of the things you sanitized, you must make sure you let it air dry. Your refrigerator door handles which gets a lot of heavy traffic so you have to give a good cleaning. If you have kids and you want to worry about your floor since they crawl and lick the toys on the floor. Do not mess up yourself, call us and book an appointment. We are happy to deep clean your premises with utmost care and at the lowest cost.


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