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If you are a house owner renting out your house, the main criteria to get your property sold is nothing but the cleanliness of your house and the surroundings. Pets free and a clean home is everyone looking to have a healthy life ahead.

At PCCS India, along with Pests control we also take care of all kinds of cleaning to cover each and every corner of your house and its environment.  Our house cleaning services are differentiated as;

  • Normal Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning

Each of these types is assigned based on the type of are you need you clean and the severity of the untidiness. The main areas we cover in house cleaning are Kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, sofa cleaning, and roof cleaning. The cleaning methods for each area are executed after proper analysis of the material and its properties. For some of the materials, the application of some chemicals may lead to exposure or some dangerous situations. To eliminate this kind of situation, our expert team always plays an important role in understanding the scope of the area and thereby coming up with the technology or the application that matches the client requirement.

The cleaning team or the manpower is allocated based on the client’s requirement and the amount of time for the requested service. In some cases, there may need a single resource to carry out the whole cleaning process, or a team of manpower is assigned based on the complexity.

PCCS India is always working hard to provide the best cleaning services for our customers and the success of becoming the top-rated house cleaning service providers is nothing but the quality of the work and dedication.

So, if you are planning to rent your house then make its dust free, pests free and clean before your customer makes a visit.

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