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Effective Pest Control tips for your Hotel

Effective Pest Control tips for your Hotel

Despite the virus that has generated chaos in the country, people no-way bothered a lot moving out. Isn’t it? Being apprehensive of the consequences faced due to this deadly illness, they’re always busy traveling. For which they need to stay in hotels for long days for their day-to-day routine job. But the immediate closedown has created annihilation in the industry, affecting the normal life of people.

Still, due to this intimidating situation where everything was fully shut down, the hotels are also lacking to clean the entire space. But with the help of PCCS India everything after getting regularized, just get back to maintaining a clean and safe atmosphere. And the hotels are now more concerned in respects to their guest’s good health and they’ve formerly started taking preventive measures to make a great move

On the other hand, due to the heavy loss faced after the crisis, the hotels are trying to manage on their own but unexpectedly they’re failing miserably indeed after trying so hard. finally, they just shake the hands with a squad of professionals to get things done with complete ease and on- time which is always on a priority basis.

What are the Factors that Bothers for Maintaining Pest-Free Hotel Rooms?

During normal days, nothing troubles while maintaining clean and sanitized rooms in the hotel but the after epidemic scenes speak being different. Especially the bedbugs, because these creatures are a total mess that disturbs the guests a lot. But with the help of PCCS India, the headache has been halved. Due to the long-term shut down of hotels, various factors trouble to maintain pest-free hotels rooms, similar as:

  • Less number of hotel staffs
  • Identifying the type of pests
  • Long-term remaining of laundry that needs to be washed-up
  • Fund Issues due to shutdown

What are the Preventive Tips for Hotel Bedbugs one should follow?

Bedbugs are those creepy, crawling creatures that spoil your hotel stay. To avoid these unfortunate holiday monuments, you must take some preventive measures while staying in a hostel.

Below are some preventive tips that need to take care of

  • Check through all the bedcovers fully for bedbugs suspecting areas especially in corners
  • Before unpacking anything, check the entire room including behind the chairs and couches.
  • Have a close look at the wooden furniture.
  • Always keep yourself calm and free from clutter areas.
  • Try to keep your luggage in a plastic utility and dispose of it after your trip journals to avoid carrying pests.
  • Once you return from the trip, check the utilities completely and vacuum them before storing them.
  • Wash your clothes in warm water to avoid the spread of bedbugs, if found any.

What are the Common Measures taken care of by a Hotelier?

Being a hotelier, finding time for being needy is always essential. As you don’t have that ample piece of time to look upon personally, training your staff can be the most practicable option. Still, for which some common measures should be taken care of, similar as :

  • Training the staff on finding the bedbugs
  • For early detection of a bedbug infestation, pitfall traps should be created
  • Addressing the guest’s concern by making aware to the desk staff
  • Routine inspections should be carried away
  • Frequent change of mattress

Indeed though you can identify the bedbugs in your place, taking the help of professionals can noway be a wrong decision. Because they’re the only ones who can find the root cause of these irritating creatures and find you the ways of eradicating them

Still, we at PCCS India offer various pest control services to make your guests stay safe and healthy. With unified ways and experience, our skilled technicians deliver the utmost delivery by using all confirmed products that help you to get rid of bedbugs. Don’t make your guests regret their decision of staying in your hotel. Because after every visit, they’re going to get back to their home. And you don’t want to take any threat in terms of the health conditions of your loved ones by carrying them. So, if want to make them happy, you get to count on us without any hesitation.


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