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In the current situation, office sanitization plays an important role.

Image if you need to work under a pandemic situation like the coronavirus or any other kind of contagious disease. If your office comes under the essential service provider which has government approval to work as the normal days. So there will be a high chance of getting infected when working under such circumstances. If you find any of your staffs got infected, it is instructed by the health department to shut down the office for seven working days and open only after sanitizing the whole office as the affected person may have circulated all over the office area. It is a mandatory notification by the government.

The office interior will be made of wood, fiber, plastic, steel etc… A virus-like coronavirus can stay up to 7 days on certain surfaces. So if it is not properly sanitized, the whole manpower may get exposed to the disease and the office area need to be shut down till further notification and cannot function the operations.

Common people cannot do sanitization work because it can cause a bad effect if not done scientifically or without proper precautions. Here you can make use of a skilled workforce like PCCSIndia who can sanitize and disinfect your office area with proper methods. Not only the cleaning methods is important but also the products which we use to clean also matters a lot. We mix up chemicals in the correct quantity and proportion under the supervision of experts to make sure everything is virus-free.

We also give guidelines to the employee group to avoid future virus exposure and to make the office environment clean.

For all kind of pest-related, virus-related and sanitization services, PCCSIndia is always a call away. You can call us at 0471-2353735 or drop your queries at


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