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Best waterproofing and painting agency in Kerala

Best waterproofing and painting agency in Kerala

Even on the modern world also, people spend a lot of money on construction. Technologies are growing and so facilities are also increasing, but just like vehicle maintenance, buildings also need yearly maintenance in order to look fresh and clean every time.

Reports have shown that waterproofing only accounts for one percent of a building’s construction cost but when ignored, it can be responsible for almost 90 percent of the damage. Moisture also causes metals to rust. Waterproofing also prevents damage caused due to water seepage which can ruin the structural integrity of the building. Now you will be having a doubt that what if you had done concreating then why waterproofing is required? The answer is even the best of the concrete is not gas-tight or watertight unless the pores are closed. Waterproofing means treating the surface to protect it from the damages that water could bring.  All the waterproofing materials are suitable for all purposes, different methods are used for different scenarios PCCSIndia knows the best and will give you the best waterproofing and painting service.

Which areas in a building need waterproofing.

  1. The basement of the building
  2. Kitchen
  3. Toilets
  4. Bathrooms
  5. Balcony areas
  6. Decks
  7. Roof
  8. Terrace
  9. Swimming pool
  10. Water tank
  11. Podium areas
  12. Exterior walls

The conventional waterproofing systems were Brick bat coba, Mud pushka. These systems are inelastic and thus they are bound to get cracks in them. Over a period of time, thermal expansion and contraction cause cracks in the concrete and also in materials like big bad coba and mud pushka. Besides, very often the manpower used for laying these materials is unskilled and so regular seepage and leakage issues will happen and regular expenditure also will happen. In addition, breaking of the existing layer of waterproofing to repair it also destruct the slab. PCCSIndia is the ultimate solution for this. We use the modern technique in waterproofing to solve all the possible issues in the future.


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