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Best Pest control and cleaning agency for commercial kitchens in Trivandrum near me

Unlike the normal house kitchens, the commercials kitchen will be very large in area and will be filled with huge machines. It can be the kitchen of huge hotels, food production units, catering companies, Bakeries or cafeterias etc.

The food and safety department has strict rules regarding sanitation and hygiene to protect public health. Pest problems are a terrific issue once they hit a commercial kitchen. If a customer happens to see a cockroach, it gives a bad reputation to the business. Besides all these issues, the firm could be shut down if the health inspectors report the infestation to be unsafe. Insect and rodent control in a food service business is a bit riskier compared to residential methods.

The top five problems that you need to know about implementing a good pest prevention plan in your commercial kitchen.

A commercial kitchen must have a good plan for sanitation and hygiene assurance. Kitchen crewmembers generally work hard to keep cooking and to keep the surface clean. The drains are one area where you might not able to see where food waste collects. The rotting food and moisture can attract pests quickly. Cockroaches and other kitchen pests find the areas where food crumbs and drinks spilt. Make a plan to deep clean the kitchen regularly through PCCSIndia professional service. Take a break and give one day dedicated to cleaning only. Insects and rodents can enter the kitchen through small openings or cracks. Closing and sealing these holes can prevent the pest from entering the space. Make sure the kitchen doors are not frequently opened. It is better to install an automatic door to the kitchen to ensure the door is not kept open. Check the delivery shipments before receiving them since there is a chance of receiving boxes with active infestations. If you find an insect in the stored food, make sure you check all other packages before storing it in your storeroom. If the infestation is still spreading, call us immediately and book your appointment.


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