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Best pest control agency for food factories and food service in Trivandrum PCCS India

Best pest control agency for food factories and food service in Trivandrum PCCS India

Any food service establishment needs to institute a proper pest control mechanism to deal with any kind of pest infestation on its premises.

Pest is any living creature that creates damage or irritation or spread diseases. Pests affected food often leads to contamination as well as wastage. A catering establishment also has to follow certain norms about pest control under schedule 4 part 5 of the FSS (Licensing and registration of the food businesses) regulation amendment 2018. These include the food business operator has to execute an effective pest control plan. This plan must be able to identify the pests to be controlled, the area/locations where control must be done, mode of control using permissible chemical, physical or biological agent, the permitted dosage (in case of chemical agents), the schedule with which the pest control has to be done, responsibilities of the persons involved in the pest control and so on… PCCSIndia is the  that you can call for solving your pest control and sanitization needs.

Pesticides used must be permitted under the insecticide act, 1968. The pest control should be performed by personnel trained or by authorized personal. PCCSIndia is the best-authorized pest control agency in Trivandrum as well as in Kerala. We ensure the pest control system in practice should be continuously monitored. We will give instructions to maintain the records of pest control measures along with the pest contracts under the FSS regulation. You don’t have to worry about food contamination while pest control activities since we are professionally trained for the same. Our pest Control activities are based on the 4Ds approach.

  1. Deny Entry: To deny the entry of a pest
  2. Deny Shelter: Eliminate harboring sites of pests
  3. Deny food: Eliminate food source to pest
  4. Destroy Pest: Eradication of pest

Now call PCCSIndia , the best pest control and sanitization agency for effective and low-cost pest control.


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