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One of the major steps to serving safe food is the actual cleaning and sanitizing of equipment, utensils and facilities. People need to understand the difference between cleaning and sanitizing and understand how, when and why cleaning and sanitizing should be done. Cleaning is the removal of food particles or dirt from the surface to which it hangs on to. Sanitizing on the other hand is the reduction of the microbial population on equipment, utensils or work surfaces.

To see how food particles hang on to surfaces you need to see the bacteria at a microscopic level. Food particles and bacteria have dried and presented on the table surface. They have even worked their way into the surface scratches cuts and grooves. Many of these particles are not visible to the human eye. Food contact surfaces can also have biofilms which are formed by some bacteria. Biofilm combined with dried food particles acts as a layer that protects the underlying bacteria from the environment and sanitisers. Biofilms are highly immune to cleaning and sanitizing efforts. Deep cleaning is the first step in removing this protective layer. Primary cleaning can be done with water and soap. Water temperature can be adjusted as per the type of dirt. Make sure to rinse all surfaces as part of the cleaning. Any surfaces or utensils that come into contact with food should be cleaned before it is sanitized.

Sanitizing is done after washing and wiping it to make it dry are done. When serving to the public, food contact surfaces must be sanitized after cleaning to prevent foodborne illness. For mechanical sanitizing with high temperatures or chemicals can be used. Heat sanitizing uses only hot water or vapour. Simply reading the user manual is not enough for cleaning and sanitizing the machines. This is when you need a professional cleaning agency like PCCSIndia. Do not risk your expensive equipment due to self-cleaning. Call us and book an appointment fast.


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