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Agricultural pest-control, disinfection agency in Trivandrum

Agricultural pest-control, disinfection agency in Trivandrum
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You can find many types of pests and insects that can harm your crops. These pests will not only harm the plants but also affect the balance of the ecosystem. This can also destroy the whole agricultural sector. Most of the farmers spend a lot of money on protection and pest control.

PCCSIndia offers you the remedy for all this at a reasonable price. So that the farmers can save a lot of money and time. We use a different kind of equipment and measures for different kinds of pests without disturbing the natural habitat of your crops.

Crickets, Bugs, Beetles, Rootworm etc.. are some of the major pests that damage food crops and cash crops. The beetles can feed on 300 above plants within 4 to 6 weeks and by the time the plants will be most affected. The crickets have strong sharp organs that can eat shrubs and grasses. Grasses can include grains and other food crops and they can survive up to 20 years. Bugs have more than 50,000 species that feed on the plant’s sap which weakens the crop eventually and can cause harmful disease to a large area of land. The rootworm can lay eggs on the plants and can cause damages if the crop is cultivated in the same land again and again.


PCCSIndia has a skilled team that knows the proper techniques of pest control for each type of harmful pest. If not done scientifically, it can cause huge destruction for your farmland and affect your cattle also. We will visit your place as per the appointment and calculate the expenses as per the area of the land and type of crop planted. We will inform you when you need more than one service according to the depth of the damage caused


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