There are more than 2000+ species of termites worldwide. It can cause damages that can worth billions of amount worth of property every year. Damp wood, dry wood and subterranean termites (superbugs) are the most destructive ones in our surroundings. These termites form a colony in the soil. They come from the soil and get inside of your house. No obstacle will stop the superbugs from entering the buildings. The size of these insects can be 1/8th of an inch and are determined to feast on the wood that is supporting your home. To get around physical barriers like concrete or metal, subterranean termites create mud tubes tunnels. These tunnels are usually as thin as a traditional no:2 pencil. The tubes can start from the ground, travel up a concrete wall, over a metal barrier and right into the wood of your house. If your house is infested by termites, draw a circle 300 feet around your house and the nesting structure is somewhere within that circle.  It could be one colony infesting several houses in your neighbourhood and can have several million termites infesting there.

Termites can spit acids, the tiny sticky secretions which can act as a defence mechanism for these insects. Termites can crawl within the cracks of concrete. So the cracks in the flooring in your house can pave the way for a termite to enter your house. If the cracks are under the carpets, people often forget or ignore as it is not seen. They can easily make the mud tubes in the cracks to get inside the house.

A termite colony can get big, one colony can be within 300 feet around your house, so make sure your call PCCSIndia before they attack your house. We have a skilled professional workforce and dedicated equipment and chemicals which can easily eradicate these harmful insects.